TOBERITE® has solved what is considered as the concrete industry’s greatest challenge; how to create a stronger concrete with better flexural and compressive strengths, whilst delivering a lighter, more workable product. 

TOBERITE® is a concrete replacement that uses engineered polypropylene Atoms in replace of stone aggregate. The Atoms are made from recycled Polypropylene are are easily recycled. Waste plastics are also able to be used in the injection moulding process. The TOBERITE®  mix has been designed to achieve maximum performance and structural benefit. The Atoms distribute evenly to stabilize and strengthen the mix without compromising durability and flexural properties.  The result is a lighter, stronger, more durable and workable product.

The Atoms in TOBERITE® are shaped in a way that they form a matrix in the mix which radically improves the compressive and flexural strength and fracture toughness. We have created a lighter, more uniform mix which results in superior workability and better finishing quality.

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